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Congratulations to Arron, Renee and Barista Kylie on completing professional barista training with us recently at your Mini Bee Coffee Cart in Bundaberg. All the best with your new venture. You will succeed by remembering to follow all the important barista steps and techniques we taught you. Freshness, perfectly timed extractions, silky milk and great equipment hygiene. Cheers from us @ Training Ideas


We are excited to release our new Barista course later this year.

It is all about some of the most popular Barista coffee styles made overseas.

This course if fun and educational for new and existing baristas or persons who love coffee and learning new styles to try at home or in a business.

We cannot go to them to try, so we will make them here !



Yes we are back after months of working in another role due to Co-vid Restrictions and the uncertainty.

We are currently scheduling in courses throughout QLD again and look forward to any Businesses, Job Providers and Interested persons seeking our quality training in their towns and regions.

We can be contacted on 0437 733 537 or debbie@trainingideas.com.au.

Our current Barista courses are scheduled in Tannum Sands, Dysart and Mackay.

We hope to see you soon !



Hi All,

We hope you are all coping reasonably well in light of the current pandemic situation we are finding ourselves in. Training Ideas has been in Job Keeper mode and are about to recommence courses throughout CQ and Northern Queensland again. Thank you to all for staying in contact and encouraging us to come back to your town/s for training.

As part of our Co-vid Safe Plan, we have implemented strict measures in our training courses to ensure the safety of all participants. All our classes have limited class places in larger venues as it will help us to maintain social distancing. All surfaces, equipment and cloths will be regularly sanitised and we will be encouraging all course participants to wash and sanitise their hands at the beginning, during and after each class. Face masks can be worn as option protection if they wish.

Note: All course participants will be required to register their attendance in class by providing their name and full contact details.


If you feel unwell, or show even mild cold or flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sneeze, runny nose etc), we kindly request you do not enrol or attend your scheduled course. Please inform us immediately and we will happily reschedule the course for you for a future date. If you have traveled overseas in the last 14 days or been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, please do not enrol in our courses until your 14 day self-isolation period has finished. 

We will continue to monitor the Australian and Queensland Government regulations and will alert you and/or make any necessary changes if required.

In the meantime, relax and know you are training with a Co-Vid safe Training Organisation and we look forward to seeing you in class soon.

Kind regards,

Debbie Munro

Training Ideas







WOW 2019 !!


This year is going to be bigger than ever for our Training Ideas team. We are currently working on filming and uploading a complete Barista series of training tutorials for past and new students to access. The move to extend our popular training online has been initiated from some of our followers and students' feedback received. 

In this highly competitive world of hospitality and barista business, making quality espresso coffee requires dedication, consistency and having staff following the same procedures. These tutorial videos will be broken down into simple to understand and follow steps on each relevant topic that is being discussed. Access to each training video will be at minimal cost through a online platform we are currently selecting.

As an example:

Training Tutorial - Takeaway Coffee Cups

How to use them correctly, what sizes and products are available, which are the better cups to use, the correct coffee doses or shots you should use to meet industry standards, how to secure their lids, tips to save time when making customer's coffees in takeaway cups etc.

There are so many steps and procedures to follow when making quality espresso coffees and we will try to break down each topic and cover as many as we can over this year for all to access and keep learning.

Cheers for now,

Debbie and Training Ideas Team




Basic Barista and Advanced Barista with Coffee Art Courses were delivered at Bundaberg's QCWA Building last week. Congratulations to all who attended the courses and enjoyed learning more about what it takes to make quality espresso coffees. We loved teaching you and your coffees were amaziing!

As always I ask before every class, why are you here?
(bar the obvious to learn how to make espresso coffees correctly)

Many reasons are offered...

1. Seeking employment and this training will be another thing on my resume.
2. Have a home machine and what to know more.
3. Need some formal barista training as only learn't from other staff.
4. Need a barista refresher.
5. Starting a business soon which sells espresso coffee.
6. Have a business and need staff trained in the same procedures and not doing their own thing!
7. Need help with my milk texturising. I keep getting too much foam.
8. Have a business and need more help with making our coffees better for our customers.
9. Want to know what home machine to buy.
10. Can you come and train our staff at our business after this course? Of course..
And so on...

End of the day, there are more than 1.7 billion people that drink espresso coffee everyday in the world. They are all seeking the best espresso coffee that suits their taste, budget and needs. There is nothing worse than paying $5.50 for an extra large T/A Coffee, driving away and finding out it is bitter, burnt and cannot drink it !!!

Training in Espresso coffee is fun, rewarding and certainly valuable as it helps us understand how to improve our barista skills and most importantly..
WOW OUR CUSTOMERS and OURSELVES.! So we all keep coming back for more. It is great for business !

Training Ideas will be back in Bundaberg for more Barista training in November.
Like and follow our Training Ideas FB page for course updates and news.
We hope you can make it !



The Jet Bar and Cafe Barista Training - Gladstone

Recent Barista Training - Gladstone

Thank you all for attending our Barista Training courses at The Jet Bar and Cafe, Gladstone in October !

We were all very busy that day working beside the cafe staff, teaching, learning and practicing how to make quality espresso coffees for ourselves and our potential new customers.

Using commercial espresso equipment for the first time for for our Basic Barista attendees was exciting and valuable as they also had the opportunity to watch espresso coffees been made for Jet Bar Cafe customers as well. Making quality coffees in realistic commercial time frames takes a lot of practice and training. Keys to success  - practice, patience, consistency and sheer determination !!

We hope you enjoyed your training and went away with some great skills and knowledge from the day !

We will be back in Gladstone on the evenings of 15th Nov (Basic Barista) and 16th Nov (Advanced Barista with Coffee Art) for more training if you are interested or want to spread the word to your friends etc !

Here is your awesome group photo with plenty of smiles !

Barista Courses in Regional Areas

Recently we have been delivering our popular Barista courses in Eungella, Hughenden, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Maryborough, Casino and Tannum Sands.

Hughenden and Eungella we were invited by business owners to train Cafe staff on what is takes to make quality espresso coffees on their equipment. 

Most current Baristas only have learnt their skills and some knowledge from others and sometimes bad habits or lack of knowledge holds them back from making coffees 'we would die for' !

The keys to producing great coffees for your customers is:


Correct grind

Consistent tamping methods

The right coffee doses

Creamy and silky milk texture

Cleaning and maintenance

FINALLY a great smile and attitude !

Come and join us in one of our popular Barista courses, where you will learn what it is takes to be a professional Barista and increase your customer base

Our course dates are advertised on social media and www.eventbrite.com.au

Photo supplied: Windmill Inn Cafe, Hughenden 

Certificate III in Business Administration Training

March 2018 this year, I delivered  BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration to a lovely group of women in Mackay. This course was nationally accredited and ran every Tuesday for 13 weeks.

Not only did the students gain new skills and knowledge, they made wonderful supportive friends and had many laughs !

Wonderful administration skills such as:

  • Creating and designing business documents
  • Use of multiple Microsoft Suite programs
  • Developing powerpoints
  • Creating excel spreadsheets
  • Workplace, health and safety in an office environment
  • Emailing and scheduling calendars
  • Designing office templates
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Report writing
  • Meeting corporate requirements

Already two students have successfully secured work from this study.

A Big Congratulations to all in our 2018 First term Class.

You are stars and we want others to know that they are valuable to any employer requiring skilled administration employees.



As we draw closer to Xmas and a short break, I thought I would share with our Blog Followers what is planned so far for you (if you would like to join in) and Training Ideas in 2018.

As promised to many people, I will be offering Advanced Barista and Coffee Art Courses in your towns, kicking off mid January next year. Yes of course our Basic Barista course and Professional Barista Training for current baristas will be available too.

What is also exciting for next year is, we will be offering discounted Espresso Coffee training rates to Secondary schools in your towns. These training proposals are on offer to support current hospitality teachers with the delivery of this complex coffee/VET unit and skills training.

If schools do not have the equipment, I will bring my commercial equipment in with me. As an example, I'm off to teach Barista skills to Year 11s and 10s at Kyogle High School NSW on their school commercial equipment next week. I cannot wait !

One more note: If you would like any other fun or skills training just let us know...

Kyogle community members suggested a 'Cafe Skills'course. They would like to gain more skills and knowledge to work in a cafe/restaurant - hygiene, milkshakes, frappes, iced coffees, teas, food preparation, tray service, till operations, food and beverage ordering, receival of stock etc. Maybe you would like this training happening too?

So I hope you are all excited for 2018 like we are. Please share the word around what is coming up in your towns to your friends and colleagues so they don't miss out.


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