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The Jet Bar and Cafe Barista Training - Gladstone

Recent Barista Training - Gladstone

Thank you all for attending our Barista Training courses at The Jet Bar and Cafe, Gladstone in October !

We were all very busy that day working beside the cafe staff, teaching, learning and practicing how to make quality espresso coffees for ourselves and our potential new customers.

Using commercial espresso equipment for the first time for for our Basic Barista attendees was exciting and valuable as they also had the opportunity to watch espresso coffees been made for Jet Bar Cafe customers as well. Making quality coffees in realistic commercial time frames takes a lot of practice and training. Keys to success  - practice, patience, consistency and sheer determination !!

We hope you enjoyed your training and went away with some great skills and knowledge from the day !

We will be back in Gladstone on the evenings of 15th Nov (Basic Barista) and 16th Nov (Advanced Barista with Coffee Art) for more training if you are interested or want to spread the word to your friends etc !

Here is your awesome group photo with plenty of smiles !

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