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Mackay Advanced Barista Graduates !

This week three students from our previous Basic Barista classes attend our latest Advanced Barista course. Mary-Jane, Neddy and Maria increased their skills and knowledge further to a professional level so they could use them in Barista roles locally, Brisbane and overseas in Philippines. They should be congratulated by all of us as they now know more than most self-taught baristas working in cafes.

In the training they learned the following:

Different characteristics in coffee blends and the roasting process - simple cupping methods.

Advanced monitoring techniques of coffee service.

How to test the grind and adjust the coffee grinder. This role is a crucial role for the first barista setting up for the day.

Extraction rates, times and attain perfect coffee shots.

How to program the volumetric coffee machine buttons.

Calibration of milk thermometers.

Advanced milk texturing techniques.

Basic coffee art.

Coffee and milk trouble shooting methods.

Cleaning of all equipment.

The importance of barista training for staff.

Once again well done on graduating from our Advanced Barista Course as what you have learn't is highly prized and sought afer in our hospitality industry ! 

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