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Basic Barista and Advanced Barista with Coffee Art Courses were delivered at Bundaberg's QCWA Building last week. Congratulations to all who attended the courses and enjoyed learning more about what it takes to make quality espresso coffees. We loved teaching you and your coffees were amaziing!

As always I ask before every class, why are you here?
(bar the obvious to learn how to make espresso coffees correctly)

Many reasons are offered...

1. Seeking employment and this training will be another thing on my resume.
2. Have a home machine and what to know more.
3. Need some formal barista training as only learn't from other staff.
4. Need a barista refresher.
5. Starting a business soon which sells espresso coffee.
6. Have a business and need staff trained in the same procedures and not doing their own thing!
7. Need help with my milk texturising. I keep getting too much foam.
8. Have a business and need more help with making our coffees better for our customers.
9. Want to know what home machine to buy.
10. Can you come and train our staff at our business after this course? Of course..
And so on...

End of the day, there are more than 1.7 billion people that drink espresso coffee everyday in the world. They are all seeking the best espresso coffee that suits their taste, budget and needs. There is nothing worse than paying $5.50 for an extra large T/A Coffee, driving away and finding out it is bitter, burnt and cannot drink it !!!

Training in Espresso coffee is fun, rewarding and certainly valuable as it helps us understand how to improve our barista skills and most importantly..
WOW OUR CUSTOMERS and OURSELVES.! So we all keep coming back for more. It is great for business !

Training Ideas will be back in Bundaberg for more Barista training in November.
Like and follow our Training Ideas FB page for course updates and news.
We hope you can make it !



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