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Banana Hotel with a modeRn cafE environment

Nicole Newman and her staff were thrilled to have further Barista training yesterday on their equipment. They admitted they had been struggling to make quality espresso coffees and did not really know why things were sometimes going wrong. Despite that, they have worin in an unique setup which so innovative for a country hotel. Thehotel has a fully operational cafe setup in their drive through bottleshop. How fantastic is that !

Key points I addressed with them were:

Grinder adjustment and how to monitor any problems

Coffee machine re-programming to dose correctly

Coffee dosages, beverage sizes and styles

Commodity storage and freshness

Milk texturing skills and the important equipment cleaning and maintenance

At the end of the training session, quality coffees were being poured. Their customers will love them!

Nicole explained that with the support of her husband, they took the huge plunge to take on the closed Banana Hotel/Motel business as well as their busy accommodation camp only a year ago. With  lot of muscle and refurbishments, the hotel looks extremely professional and impressive both inside and out. The decor is modern with funky furniture and equipment.

Nicole has also employed professionally trained chefs to produce the popular meal favourites with modern twists that are well supported by locals and visitors to their town.

Well done Nicole, your husband and staff on creating a perfect venue to visit in Banana. Good luck with everything. See you next time when I'm coming to your region. 

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